I know many may be wondering what moisture has to do with their vehicle or why it is considered an enemy.

This write up is focusing on the brake system. It is in fact the most important system on the vehicle because it has to do to with safety. It is an inconvenience when your car won’t start but it is a serious disaster if the car won’t stop.

The most important component in this system is the brake fluid. It is the one responsible for 99% of the brake operation. This is because the brake system is a hydraulic one.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic (it readily absorbs moisture from the atmosphere).When this moisture gets into the system, under high temperature it will vaporize.

We all know vapor is compressible, so in cases where the brake pedal is depressed instead of having the fluid move along the lines and operate the break what will happen is that the vapor will first be compressed totally before the fluid will actually move.

In some cases the vapor in the system is too much that the fluid might not even move with a fully depressed brake pedal. With this there is a high tendency for sudden brake failure.

Moisture content in a vehicles brake system will also result in an increase in the viscosity of the fluid causing it to become very thick and reluctant to flow at low temperatures. This will cause braking to be very difficult on cold days.

A build up of moisture in the brake system will also cause corrosion build up in the system which in turn will result in damage to the brake system.

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