Signs your car may need tyre rotation

Signs You May Need to Rotate your Tires

Rotating your tires as part of your regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance has many benefits. It helps to maintain an even amount of treadwear on all 4 tires. That prolongs the life of your tires, leads to improved gas mileage and a smoother more comfortable ride. Regularly rotating your tires can also prolong the life of your vehicle’s suspension components by reducing vibrations. Since you need to remove the wheels to rotate your tires, you get the opportunity to look over the undercarriage components and catch any problems in the very early stages which can save you money down the road. Also, many tyre manufacturers require regular tyre rotation in order to keep the mileage warranty valid. A good rule of thumb is to rotate your tyres at the same intervals you get your oil changed whether your tyres show uneven wear signs or not. While this is a good recommendation, you should always follow the guidelines in your vehicle’s owner manual for timing as well as the best rotation pattern for your vehicle and type of tyres.

Uneven tyre wear
Uneven tyre wear is the most common sign that you may need your tires rotated. You can check this by measuring the tread depth in multiple spots on each tyre. If the measurements are drastically differently, your tyres are wearing unevenly. Tread feathering is one of the most common wear pattern when tyres are not properly rotated. You can feel “feathering” by running your hand along the tire tread. The tread blocks will have rounded edges on one side and sharp edges on the other. It is important to keep in mind that rotating your tyres will not correct wear problems due to worn mechanical parts, incorrect inflation pressures or alignment problems.

Uneven front to rear tread wear
While each tyre can wear unevenly, tyres on the front axle can also wear differently than tires on the rear axle. Regularly rotating them allows the tyres to serve in both front and rear positions which help to even out the wear. Although regular rotation can help with uneven wear, different tread wear patterns can help diagnosis other problems you may be having.

Tyre noise and vibration
When tyres wear unevenly, it causes increased road noise and vibrations. While vibrations can be felt in other parts of the car, it is most commonly noticed in the steering wheel.

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