You finally got the new-to-you car of your dreams. You have no problem driving it, but where will you park it? Fortunately, you don’t have to follow the pack and park in a regular parking space. You’ve got your own style, and your parking space should reflect that.

So, put your shiny ride into drive and follow me. I’ll show you some of the coolest (and scariest) places you can park your car…if you dare.

The Impossible Spot


Several questions come to mind as we look at this impossible parking spot. For example, “How?” And let’s not forget, “Why?” At least you don’t have to worry about the person who parks in front or back of you, right?

The Squeeze

You know you have enough room. Just keep squeezing and you’ll eventually fit nice and tight.

When You Need to Hide


Don’t be in a hurry to rush home from this parking spot. You might need some help getting out

The Balcony Experience

What’s better than sitting on your apartment balcony, drinking a cold one and jamming out to some tunes straight from your car’s stereo? The answer: nothing.

The Luxury Spot

We absolutely hate it when our car gets hot. A dedicated sun shade would be mighty nice for a perfect parking spot.

For the Nature Lover


When someone truly yearns to park in the forest, there’s little anyone can do to stop them. Park here and you can enjoy the beauty of nature each day as you come and go.

The Late Night Dip


Sometimes you just want to go for a late night dip with your friends. Unfortunately, it might make it hard to go anywhere else.

The Creative Spot


Nothing wrong with angling for that perfect spot, right? “I think I’ll just set this right . . . here.”

No Place Like Homeparking-space

We’re seriously confused as to how this happened. Nothing wrong with thinking outside the box, right?

The Parallel Parking Spotbmw

Which came first, the BMW or the construction vehicle? And does it really matter?

This Space Rocks!


This space rocks. Literally.

If these didn’t inspire you, tell us about your craziest parking spot. And, remember, your perfect parking spot awaits.

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