October 2015

12 car maintenance mistakes

  It’s true – car maintenance can sometimes get in the way of life. However, making sure that your vehicle is properly maintained when it needs to be will help to ensure that you don’t spend precious time stuck on the side of the road when you could be spending it on things you c
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How to Know if You Need A/C Maintenance

Cooling System Trouble? Fuel burning inside your engine creates combustion chamber temperatures that can reach 1000°F or more. For an engine to perform properly, the operating temperature must be controlled within a tight range. The job of the cooling system is to regulate engine temp
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Do the following when your car overheats

When your car is overheating, it can be tempting to panic. After all, this car could soon leave you on the side of the road, right? If you take fast action, you might be able to get to the nearest service station before the car shuts down. Here’s what to do when your car is overheatin
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Why your car’s engine overheats

An overheating car can be a nightmare. All too many people know that feeling of that temperature gauge going up, especially when sitting at a stop light and hoping that you get moving in time for the air to cool your engine a bit. And who can discount the fear of the engine catching o
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When to change spark plugs – the warning signs

Spark plugs are an integral part of your vehicles motor as they provide the much needed spark that ignites the air and fuel mixture within the cylinders. This continuous ignition is what keeps your car moving on the road. If spark plugs are not checked with regular services, cleaned o
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Engine performance warning signs

  As the performance of your engine starts to diminish, the system might exhibit warning signs that are unique. Understanding these signs will assist you in identifying when they occur and what to do when it happens. Remember that your engine is an extremely complicated system an
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